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Log Your Memory Challenges

I'm behind in sharing my Log Your Memory Challenges. Here are my Week 3, 4, and 5 layouts. I am loving these challenges!

Dreaming Of Australia
I Want to Go to There
LYM Challenge #3 Dreams

Journaling: For the past 18 years, I have dreamt of traveling to Australia one day. When I dream of it, I dream of golden colors. It all began when one of my college roommates took a trip abroad to Australia with our University to study for the summer as they traveled across the country. A few years later, she moved to Sydney with her husband to work in landscape architecture. While they have since moved back to the States, I still dream of one day seeing the Sydney Opera House, the beautiful beaches, and landscapes., and perhaps even a few Aussie scrapbooking friends. I dream of the Land Down Under, and I want to go to there. 2011

Template: Project Scrap 2011 January Templates by Shabby Princess
Photos: from Internet Creative Commons search, and website, and related websites
Fonts: CK Cursive, Stamp Act, and Steelfish

Inspired by the Project: Me ladies, I decided to do this based on a blog post I did at, they have homework assignments for you to do on your word of the year. My journaling is an answer to the question:
QUESTION #1: Take a few moments and journal about the type of person you want to be at the end of 2011. How would you want this person to be described? What are some characteristics that would define this person? For those who have already chosen your One Word, what effect do you hope this word will have on your character? How will you have to posture yourself to make that change a reality?

I want to be fabulous, sexy, independent, poetic, whimsical, amazing, awe-inspiring, imaginative, cool, phenomenal, wondrous, wild, rare. I want to be affectionate, caring, embracing, cheerful, thoughtful, courageous, devoted, faithful, forgiving, involved, self-confident, dynamic, fatigue free, graceful, idea driven, living from the depths of life, personable, spiritual, strong, resourceful, curious, friendly, gratitude, joyful, loving, adventurous, desirous, willing, I want this word to have the effect on my character that I get out more and live, that I am more self-giving, that I am less depressed. It will take personal effort to make this a reality.

Supplies: Paper: Spotted Winter Krafts by Sir Scrapalot (from the Monday chats at Log Your Memory January 2011), Elements: Find Your Focus by Sir Scrapalot (from the Monday chats at Log Your Memory January 2011), Template: Freebie by Elizabeth Albers (Scrapping with Liz), Font: Century Gothic, Sketch Block

Challenge #5 - Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, a Prince and a Princess lived in a castle all alone. The Princess wanted more than anything to add the companionship of a tiny, little dog to their family. "Bah humbug," said the Prince. "Dogs are a bother. I like other people's dogs." But the Princess kept on dreaming of a pet of her own, wishing to adopt a rescued animal. She began searching online. But meanwhile, the Prince whisked her away on a romantical vacation, and asked her to resume looking when they return. Once home again, the Princess wanted more than ever a dog to love. The Prince was hesitant. Then one day, she found online an adorable bichon frise, and without telling the Prince, she applied to be the owner. When she heard the news her application was accepted, she was over the moon. Now she had to tell the Prince her secret. The Prince didn't know what to think. "Well, if I don't like the dog, it's going back." "Just open your heart," said the Princess. The day came when the dog was brought to the castle, and the Princess' eyes glowed with joy. The Prince knew right then looking at her the dog could stay. And, day after day, the Princes' heart opened, and opened, and opened, until he, too, was attached. The Prince, Princess, and their dog are now living happily ever after! Story 2010 Journaled 2011

Supplies: Paper: Webster's Pages, My Mind's Eye, Basic Grey, Illustations: Vintage book, Flowers: Making Memories, Ribbon: Stash, Alpha Stickers: Making Memories, Pen: Zig Memory System

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Lori said...

I hope you make it Down Under! It will certainly live up to expectations - and exceed some. :)

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Thank you! I hope so too!

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