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As Seen in GingerScrapsStreet Magazine

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As seen in GingerScrapsStreet Magazine, February 2011, The Showroom, page 32

Sweet Cheeks by Julie Ann Shahin 

Digital Supplies: Kit: Made Pretty Sweet by Mandymade and Pretty In Green (Gingerscraps), Font: Pea Carolyn, Sketch: January 2011 Sketch # by Shimelle, Software: Adobe Photoshop 7. 

Design Notes: I like to vary the shadows for different objects. I'll have almost no shadow for the paint layer, the next smallest shadow for the paper layers and alpha, a regular shadow for the flowers, and a medium-high shadow for the banner. At one time, I had an action that did this for me, but haven't transferred it since I updated my Elements so I do it manually. 

Journaling: Aunt Gayle was posting photos on Facebook. Both Dana and I expressed interest in getting copies of these photos. She emailed us and said that she had a shoebox of old photos that she could scan and email us if we wanted them. Of course we said, “Yes!” 

1902 Two Birdies by Julie Ann Shahin 

Digital Supplies: Kit: After Snowfall by Pretty In Green (GingerScraps), Alpha: Kramped Alpha by Sir Scrapsalot (logyourmemory), Software: Photoshop Elements 7, Fonts: Old Copperfield, Chonker, Sketch: 2011 Sketch Calendar by Becky Fleck (pagemaps).

Design Notes: A tip I've picked up over the years is to click in your text box in Photoshop Elements, then click ctrl+shift+j at the same time. This will justify your text. 

Journaling: 1902 photo of my Great Grandfather, Grandma's father, Edwin Bueltman, standing, with his brother William, seated. 

The Gift of Travel by Julie Ann Shahin

Digital Supplies: Kit: Sparky Connection By Caged Bird Designs, Template: MultiFoto Layered Template No. 09 by Anna Aspens (Designer Digitals), Photo Actions: Perfect Portrait by CoffeeShop, Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, Fonts: Pea BethC.

Editor's Notes: I just love how Julie has arranged her photos, with some standing out with embellishments and others almost merging into the background, whilst the choice of paper makes everything so much more vivid!

Journaling: Mexican Riviera December 2010 

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Cassie has left a new comment on your post "Favorite Bloggers":

I also love Paper Issues and I love looking at your projects!!!

Posted by Cassie to Inspiration for Generation C 2.00 at March 14, 2011 4:07 PM 
Yes, Cassie! I adore the Paper Issues blog as well. I'm going to have to do a post on favorite group/challenge blogs soon! Thanks so much for following my blog. xoxo 


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