Wednesday, March 16

My Newly Re-Organized Scraproom Part 1

I took 3 weeks last month to re-organize my scraproom. I say "re-organize" because it was so-called "organized" however the organization wasn't working for me any longer after a few years. I could no longer keep the room tidy, and that was a big flag that it was overdue to re-organize. I go all out when I do this, I take everything out of my scraproom, and put it in the dining room. Not only that, I did re-arrange some of the furniture.

I sort through my scrapbook supplies, keep only what I really love, and put all "like" items together. I decide what kind of container I want it in, and then it goes back into the scraproom. I recommend The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker [Spiral-bound] by Wendy Smedley  and Aby Garvey as a great resource for anyone wanting to get their room together.

Here are some photos of my room now, (and by the way - I processed the photos with the CameraBag app that you can download to your PC):

When you first walk in, you see this rack that I used to keep bottles of paint on, but I decided to start keeping handmade cards here, and I love how cheerful  and colorful it is. Hanging on the armoire is a vintage apron I bought on etsy.
Here you can see I moved my desk to the right corner, and put my sewing machine on it. It used to complete a "U", and stick out into the room so that I was facing the door when I sat at it. Now there is so much more floor space!

Another view from the door of the desk area...there is a round table to the right of the T.V. armoire, then there is workspace all along the walls on the left and back wall.

Next to the round table, is a new table that my husband brought home for me which is my diecut/rubberstamp/glitter station, right in front of the big window overlooking our backyard.

My new Sizzix Big Kick! Yay!!! I am loving embossing and doing a bit of diecutting.

I found this wicker shelf at the flea market for half-off of a whole $3.00! My little collection of "rubber" stamps, the rest of my stamps are on my shelves behind us.

My new glitter station! It was inspired by Lisa Pace and her awesome book "Delight In the Details". Thanks to my sister for helping me shop for the teacups at Antiques and Old Lace locally.

Friends and Family Photos

Here is a photo of what is stored under the paints and related items.....

All my Golden Mediums, Gels, Paints plus other specialty goodies like inks....thank you to Kelly Day for hooking me up with more than half of my Golden stash.

My Spray Paints and additional sprays

I'm so proud of my homemade clip-it-up wall mount system. You can see more photos of it when I blogged it previously.

Embossing Folders
Tomorrow I'll show you the rest of the room!

WillieburgScrapper has left a new comment on your post "Thursday Tutorial: How To Make Butterfly Swirl":

OMG LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! The design is beautiful!!!! That page is fabulous- if I could get paper butterflies out a reese's cup I would go broke. :) Thanks for linking to Paper Issues- try to join us this weekend for a blog hop full of RAK opps.

Posted by WillieburgScrapper to Inspiration for Generation C 2.00 at March 15, 2011 8:30 AM 
Thank you so much sweetie! I'm still working on this new blog to get it how I want it. I'm looking forward to Paper Issue's blog hop!!! xoxo
Patrice has left a new comment on your post "As Seen in GingerScrapsStreet Magazine":

Love the rainbow colors of your first page!

Posted by Patrice to Inspiration for Generation C 2.00 at March 15, 2011 2:33 PM
Thank you! I really enjoyed scrapping this old photo of my father and my aunt! It was fun. xoxo

Keshet has left a new comment on your post "As Seen in GingerScrapsStreet Magazine":

Love all of these!

Posted by Keshet to Inspiration for Generation C 2.00 at March 15, 2011 5:48 PM

Thank you so much Keshet for visiting!!! xoxo


Emily said...

It looks awesome!!! I love how you organize the glitter in the cups... it's really cute! I would love to do something like that, but I'm afraid I would always be knocking it over!!

S said...

Thanks for dropping by my studio - I'm glad I came to visit yours. Very interesting creative space; love what you have done with your storage, right down to the glitter in the teacups. I'm going to give you a shout-out on my blog.

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