Thursday, March 17

My Newly ReOrganized Scraproom Part 2 - Happy St. Patty's Day!

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Just a reminder before I share my scraproom, as my heart goes out to all those affected by the devastation in Japan, so if you can swing it, please donate to the relief efforts! I, myself, went to and donated money online for the Japanese relief efforts, mainly because the Red Cross gives 91 cents of every dollar to Japan. Isn't that amazing? The Red Cross has already pledged 10 million dollars to the Japanese Red Cross so every dollar helps. You can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone. I also received a call today from Save the Children, which I donated to during the Haiti crisis, and they are mobilizing to help children in Japan. You can read about the half-dozen different agencies that are accepting donations for Japan here at the Huffington Post.

My Scraproom

So why did I re-organize my scraproom? The main thing that I did this time was to put items that I use most within reach of my workdesk which means I removed a hutch on my desk, and put up an extra shelf, and the homemade clip-it-up wall mounting system as seen in yesterday's post, Part 1. I also didn't realize that I had allowed "like" items that I thought were organized together, were no longer necessarily stored together, or extra items were stored elsewhere. So now, all "like" items are together. Everything is labeled, which is essential, because otherwise, I totally forget where I've put things! 
Mini Album Display
Inspiration Board
Display above the armoire, with a project blurred out pending publication!
Next to my sewing machine

Felting supplies, and fabrics are in the basket
Needles and pins in the drawer

Wood shelving now goes all the way to ceiling

Mists and screens
Card supplies, and decorative tapes
Clear stamps, foam stamps, and inks
Most clear stamps are stored in CD cases
Inks and related stamping supplies

Templates and photo storage
Scrapbooking idea books, and scrap paper
Large stamps, and vintage books

Photo storage

Vintage books and misc. adhesives
Vintage books, clippings, art papers, and wallpaper

Patterned paper and cardstock storage

Seems that I am missing some photos. I'm not sure where they are, so when I find them, I'll do a part 3! Be sure you are subscribed to my blog so you don't miss it!!!! xoxo 


Jess said...

Whhhhhooooo, you've a really well organized scraproom ... if I could say the same for mine ...

Ali said...

Awesome organization in your scraproom!! WTG, anad TYFS all the wonderful things you shared with us! GREAT stuff. ~Ali

bermudabluez said...

WOW! You sure are organized!!! It looks wonderful!!! I could have some real fun in there!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

deb said...

Sooo loving your scrap room!! I see lots of SIWL projects displayed. :) And I really like the shelves for displaying finished projects. Great idea. The tags are perfect!

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