Friday, April 15

Learning and Continuing Education

I once met a scrapbooker who told me, "I never take (scrapbooking) classes." I don't remember, she might have taught a class or workshop here or there. I thought, "How sad." I, myself, love to learn. I always have. To each their own, my mother always said. I've signed up for several classes and events this spring, online. (Note: I am not an affiliate of any of these programs)

I have decided to continue on with Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers with shimelle. I enjoyed Blogging for Scrapbookers, and I started coming out of my shell a little tiny bit because of her prompts. (Yet that is HUGE.) So I decided to take the second course to continue on this journey.

My original goals in BFS were:
1) to blog about all forms of scrapbooking: paper, hybrid, and digital as well as art journaling, challenges, some photography, and scrapbooking publications;
2) connect with fellow scrapbookers;
3) offer tutorials on all forms of scrapbooking and also art journaling;
4) share deals that I hear about regarding scrapbooking;
5) share class projects that I complete.  I suspect that you, the reader, like me, are a TOTAL scrapbook addict so hopefully my blog will continue to grow. I want this class to help my blog be more interesting and FUN for the reader.

For Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, shimelle suggests thinking about the following goals and questions:

Do you want to blog more often?  Yes, I want to blog consistently
Write posts that feel more special or important? Yes
Increase the number of readers? Yes
Have more conversation in the comment section? Absolutely
Get your family to read and interact via your blog? Perhaps
Start to make money with your blog? No
Use your blog to help get on a design team or other scrapbooky thing? No, not necessarily. I'm already satisfied with the teams I'm on.
Use your blog to help organize the stories you want to scrapbook? Perhaps here and there

Shimelle says, "But those are just some starters to get you thinking. Please remember everyone has different goals so don't feel like you have to have the same goals as any other blog. You might blog for yourself, your family, or for a wider audience. It's all up to you - it's just good to think about it in advance so you know you'll apply the course to what you want to achieve!"
Photo by Shimelle
Join me in Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers! You do not have needed to have taken Blogging for Scrapbookers.

Welcome to Spring Training 2011 | Ella Publishing Co.
(Pay now and save$$$)

I've signed up for the Spring Training 2011 at Ella Publishing! All you need is 20 minutes per day from April 25 through to International Scrapbook Day, May 7th.

12 exclusive video coaching sessions
4 expert coaches
12 hands-on training exercises
20 minutes a day
daily challenges, downloads, sponsor prizes, and more
1 amazing online event that includes a minimum of 240 minutes of scrapbooking fun

Get Ready to Learn About...

Expert lighting tricks for your photographs
Single-sentence journaling: four simple strategies
How to create a gorgeous stenciled page background
Adding inspiring tricks to your design toolbox
Paint and poetry: a tutorial you'll never forget!
Creating photo-booth effects for your photographs
Distressing 101: paint, sanding, and beyond
Discovering and embracing YOUR signature scrapbooking style
How to "get the shot" that truly captures your subject's personality

Click here for screenshots and additional information.

Here's How it Works
A new video (plus associated downloads and information) will be posted each day (well, by midnight MST the night before), and then it will stay up for the duration of the event and for two months after it's over, so you can pop in and watch or re-watch them at any point during that time. So you'll have until June 30th to catch up on any missed videos!


your price: $40

Save $8 now! Use code 8ELLA to register for $32 through April 15th.
(Note: That code includes the number "8" followed by "ELLA," rather than the name "BELLA.")

Join me for Spring Training 2011!

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Lisa said...

nice breakdown of what you are looking for from Beyond Blogging - I need to sit down and think about what I want from the class. I love classes (ever so slightly addicted!) but rarely participate 100% - but I like to play along!

JO SOWERBY said...

im so stoked to have met a fellow class lover and i am doing some of the same classes with you, see u there,
Jo xxx

Blogger said...

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