Tuesday, April 19

New Digital Page for Art Journal Caravan

I love painting! You can learn how with Tangie's Tutorial: Apprentice Art Box tutorial with Parcel 16 can be found {here}. It's a private forum, you have to be a member of the Art Journal Caravan for access. I created this for Tangie's CT.

Plays, Poetry & Prose: The Entire Bundle
Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions {Parcel 16} Apprentice Art Box Edition
DARKROOM Collab w/ DeCrow Designs
{TBD Classics Collab} Mehndi Caravan
Tangerine Dream {ATC Collection}
{TBD Classics} The Bounding Main
Silhouette {Collab w/ DeCrow Designs}
A*MUSE*ING Art Doll Collection
Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 46}
Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions {Parcel 08}
Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions {Parcel 08}

Thanks for looking!
Love ya!

I have a new blog badge in my sidebar for Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers! Thank you so much to everyone who voted in my survey yesterday!!! If you still want to vote, check it out here. It takes just 4 seconds.

I don't have a lot I want to change in my sidebar, which is today's prompt. I happened to add a new blog list yesterday, of people who are in the Mail Art X-Change 2011. I did delete a few blog badges of old classes/events that I felt were now clutter. I like blog badges to use when I'm posting about that particular challenge or class.

Hope you are having a great day, and I welcome any comments you have about blog sidebar design, mine or in general!!! xoxo

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Brenda said...

Love your project and your blog is super cute! thanks for subscribing to Sweet paper Treats! I'm subscribing back. So nice to get to know you!

Linda said...

lovely blog! Love your blog header especially! Just voted in your poll, Linda X (from blogging with Shimelle)

scrappyjacky said...

I've given my blog a bit of a makeover...but haven't deleted anything from the sidebar yet....I quite like having lots of stuff down the side!!
I do love your header.

Tammy said...

Great digi page! I'm also enjoying Shimelle's next class, but I'm still thinking through if I want to make any changes to my sidebar. I kind of like what I have but change can be rereshing.... :)

MonicaB said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and answering my question. Your blog is great. I love the colors and feminine feel. And I really like all the texture you include in your projects. Now I just have to work on my sidebar.

Colleen said...

I added that badge today too! Love the feel of your blog!

Irene said...

Ooooh! I love your project page! I added the class badge to my side bar today.

melissa said...

great blog! I'll be visiting again :)

Sian said...

Just off to vote now..

Sherry C said...

Beautiful projects, Julie Ann! Great to reconnect with you! :)

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