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One Little Word Blog Hop

Welcome to My Blog and the One Little Word Blog Hop! It's my first time participating.
The blog hop goes live at 8 AM PACIFIC, and as I'm on the East Coast, my post here is early. So please be patient, check out the rest of the blog hop at 8 AM PACIFIC or later.

March One Little Word {Fabulous}: Taking Action
This month is about taking action, the experience, and how I feel about it. My word is Fabulous (see this post on my word). I bought two new books to spur me on, and also signed up for Belly Dancing classes through our local Community Education. My first class was on March 29th! It was awesome. Great exercise for sure. The classes are once a week through the end of  May.  The above photo is one I found on Flickr to demonstrate the vision of taking belly dancing classes. I do not expect to become a performer, just connect a bit to my inner goddess perhaps.

ASSESS: First of all, in January, I wrote down that I wanted to invite:
  • Sensation: excitement and interest - Progress: check for introducing sensation with the new belly dancing classes
  • Romance: a love story - Progress: yes, always improving and working on our marriage
  • Stories: documenting - Progress: check for keeping up with One Little Word, and other scrapbooking stories
  • Miracles: any amazing or wonderful occurrence- Progress: yes, photographing the progress of my sister's pregnancy, and daily little miracles
  • Surprises: sudden unexpected events - Progress: yes, some breakthroughs and happy events
  • Action: put in effect -  Progress: his month's theme, focusing on action since January and following through with fitness goals, belly dancing classes, and social activities
  • Magic: any extraordinary or mystical influence, charm, power, etc. - Progress: the sum of all of the above
Previous to March, I bought two books and started reading: Fabulous Friendship Festival by Sark, and Fabulous Friendships: Scrapbooking the Relationships That Make Life Fun. (see this post from February)

My newest books are: The Essentials of Fabulous and A Course in Weight Loss.
The Essentials of Fabulous: Because Whatever Doesn't Work Here Anymore
by Ellen Lubin-Shermin
A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons For Surrendering Your Weight Forever
by Marianne Williamson


My Experience

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REMINDER: The blog hop goes live at 8 AM PACIFIC, and as I'm on the East Coast, my post here is early. So please be patient, and check out the rest of the blog hop at 8 AM PACIFIC or later.

If you get lost, here are all of the stops on the blog hop!

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Thanks for visiting!!! xoxo

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Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

super cool my dear!

Donna said...

OMG fabulous!!! Belly dancing must be an absolute blast!!!!!!!!

Xnomads said...

I'm so glad you could join us on the blog hop! Great action items for March. When your class is over, you will have to video your routine and post that on your blog! : ) Just kidding! Enjoy those classes.

Lizzie said...

Wow there's a long list of blog hop participants! I may just drop by a few of those blogs though.

I came by from BFS, to say Hi! Love your post about inspiration and achieving things. I think you're brave to join a belly dancing class... not sure I would have the courage! I hope you have a wonderful time and really enjoy learning your dance.

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

jamie said...

in a word: fabulous!
your photos.
your words.
your updates to self.
loved reading them.
now off to read new art journal because i really love those.
p.s. thanks for visiting.

Chrissy said...

Love the action item! I'd love to take a belly dancing class. Everyone should let our their inner goddess!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

love it! love that you set your mind to something and did it! Kudos to you! What a great post!

Tammy said...

That is a super cool thing to do. Good for you! Hope you enjoy the classes - they sound fun! Thanks for the reminder to update my album. I've done the stuff, just need to work on the paper fun and get it all in the album. Have a good weekend!


Lorraine said...

What an amazing photo and post. I have always wanted to take a Belly Dancing Class. What an encouragement. I also toyed with doing one littel word but felt I didn't have the time. However, now I have seen your post I think it is a must for next year.
Lorraine BFS

backtoallen said...'re doing something I've always wanted to do! So cool that you are actually DOING it instead of just thinking about it. So glad you're on the hop :)

Rebekah said...

Wow, what a beautiful your design and font. Good luck with your new class, sounds fun!

Jen said...

Your post and your blog are fabulous. Enjoy belly dancing and getting in touch with your inner goddess. How fun!

learncreatedo said...

What a fabulously fun action plan. Congrats for doing it!

MonicaB said...

Love your word and love that you took a belly dancing class!! How FUN!!

Kristi Michelle said...

well that was like the coolest post ever, I want to be like you when I grow up ♥

Kimberly said...

Great post! And good for you for doing what you really wanted to do! Awesome!

Abbey said...

I admit that I am fascinated a bit by belly dancing too, but for now a Zumba devotee. Hope your class continues to be wonderful!

jillconyers said...

What a fun post. Enjoyed everything about your OLW post. I'm intrigued by the book, The Essentials of Fabulous. Love the title :)

So how was the belly dancing class?

Cheri said...

congrats on meeting your OLW goal for the month. Sounds like fun! I want to get that Marianne Williamson book. It is on my wish list at Amazon!

JMC said...

So fun! I love your post; your word; and your action!! Fantastic!! I hope your inner goddess is revealing herself :-). Thanks for the comment on my blog, too!!

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