Saturday, April 9

Today is Cleaning Day

My {Pregnant} Sister and My Mother, March 2011
Tomorrow I am going to my sister's house in Buffalo to pick up my visiting mother, who came in on the Greyhound Bus from Cleveland for the weekend, and bring her back to our house to visit for a few days. So today is Cleaning Day at our house. Right now, dear husband is doing outdoor work being kept company by our adorable dog. Cleaning DAY, you ask? Yes, I am not one of those types who keeps her home impeccably clean day after day. The main reason is this and this.  So we are the types that Clean The Day Before Company Comes Over.

I have a Battle Plan. I do Flylady's Crisis Cleaning. Now that being said, the house isn't that bad...we don't have a lot of clutter....we just need to give a good cleaning to get Mom's approval. :) My husband helps a lot. Otherwise, I would be overwhelmed. 

Tomorrow, I'll see my sister and she wants Mom and me to help make a mobile for her baby crib. She already has the felt animals and we just need to make the base for the mobile. Her nursery is a Noah's Ark theme, (she's having a BOY! in May), and the felt animals look like this, but there  are more than just elephants, there are giraffes and monkeys, and lions too.


Nursery Bedding {via}

So I'm looking for mobile instructions and tutorials today? Do you know of any?

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Rachel M said...

Thanks for the link to FlyLady, Julie! I visited her site a while ago, but was so overwhelmed by the amount of info, that I never did much with it. THIS I can do. I also don't clean my house, except when guests come, but I don't have any good excuses other than I just don't like to clean. Love the idea of making a mobile. Don't have any tutorials, but I'm sure it will end up looking darling. :)

tidbitsandtreasures2011 said...

By now, your cleaning day is over and you can now relax and enjoy your nice, clean house. Good for you!

I only do a thorough cleaning of our house every 2-3 weeks. In between I make sure to deal with obvious dirt in the bathrooms and kitchen because if it gets too out of hand, it makes me totally crazy. That said, I do have several "hurry up" routines that I use if someone calls to say they are dropping by or if we've had an unusually busy weekend that prevents a normally scheduled cleaning. As the Flylady post suggests, it's all about surface cleaning...just enough to get by for today!

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