Monday, April 25

A Walk to Remember on Easter - In Photos

Highland Park, Rochester, NY
Yesterday my husband, my dog, and I visited my in-laws who have just returned from wintering in Florida,

then we went for a walk in Highland Park. Since I do not have relatives nearby, this year I did not get to see

family on Easter. I imagine my parents will come to visit my sister, her husband, and their new baby at Easter

so we'll all be together next year possibly. My husband's family is not Roman Catholic, as I was raised, so

Easter is not a holiday that they plan a family celebration usually my husband's parents are still in Florida for Easter.

In-laws cat on their roof

We are no longer practicing Catholics, yet I miss the big family get-togethers, and dressing up, and going to Church ensemble.

Easter with Me (middle back row) and My Sister, blonde front row, and a  few of  My Cousins circa 1981

Easter with Some of My Cousins Circa 1986
I'm in blue
We really enjoyed our walk in Highland Park to see the daffodils yesterday, I think it might become our new Easter tradition. Have your Easter traditions evolved over the years?

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scrappyjacky said...

Even though we are not particularly religious....we do have a big family Easter get together.....we have built up a tradition of a family 'tea' with sandwiches,scones,cakes, biscuits's special because we don't do anything like it at any other time [though this year we had a BBQ because it's just so hot here at the moment!!].
I think beacause Easter is a 4 day public holiday here....and no shops open Easter Sunday....a lot of families do get together.

Sherry C said...

I love your Easter pics from years past!♥ Lovely pics from the country!

Marilyn said...

Such lovely Easter pictures. I too sometimes miss the Easter pomp and circumstances that come with the Catholic faith.
The weather didn't co-operate for a spring walk but we did have the traditional ham dinner with Gayle.
Happy spring!

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