Wednesday, May 4

Good Mail Coming In and Going Out!

As a bonus from Blogging for Scrappers, I am making friends from around the world. There was a sign up for a Mail Art Exchange Swap, and although I avoid swaps like the plague because I can't be relied upon to make it to the post office, for some reason I had to participate in this one. 

Now I am only showing you sneak peeks of my Mail Art because my swap partner, Denise's envelope is still in the mail, on the way to her right now. I mailed it yesterday. I'm compelled to blog about it today though, and couldn't not show a sneak. :)

I've received goodies from Helena Catt, who was on the list to send to me!!! Wow! What a sweet envelope, and lovely goodies. Especially a personal photograph of a beach near her home. I am definitely going to scrap this photo, envie, and some of the goodies on a page together. I think I'll scan her writing and re-print it since it's on the back of the photo...or make the photo so you can flip it up. Thank you Helena!!!!

 And I received especially sweet mail from a new dear friend, Cheri Andrews. This inspirational tag has been put on my inspiration board in my scraproom! And look at this awesome envelope!!!!!!!

What are your favorite type of swaps?

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Chocolate Mousie said...

Wheeeeeee! I can't wait to get it and thanks for the peek. :-D

Melissa said...

I am enjoying the Mail Art Exchange also! I've sent mine off and am watching my mailbox - I, too, discovered a lovely package from Cheri this week! So fun.

helena said...

what fun to see it on your blog - usually we post things and they are gone.

glad you liked it

Cheri said...

So is it just me, or does my envie look brighter on your blog than it does IRL??? And since you already do mixed media, I figured you would know what to make of the little plastic thingy (cut from a steamer tray from a Healthy Choice meal - how's that for reuse-recycle???).

Shoshonee said...

I love all of the beautiful bright colors and designs. Wish I would've seen this in time to participate. Maybe next time!

Donna said...

wow, how fun!! I haven't done a swap in years. It was a layout one and was fun, but this looks awesome.

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