Wednesday, May 11

My Creative Process and Counterfeit Challenge Mini Pages 2 - 5

What is your creative process? I'd love to hear about it! As I share my Acrylic Mini Album, I'll share my creative process too - a prompt from shimelle's April Blogging for Scrapbookers A Year of Blogging. FIRST STEP If you are new to my blog, you'll have to check out this post about the Counterfeit Kit challenge, as you'll see my first step was to put together a kit to work with this month.

  • My inspiration was PRODUCT.
  • Based on the product, I decided to have my main project this
    month be a mini-album gift for my niece's graduation.
  • I've taught acrylic mini-albums classes and have one
    published in
    Scrapbook Page Maps 2
    by Becky
    so I felt quite comfortable using the acrylic pages
    as my base.

  • Gathering themed items (embellishments) relating to
    graduation, parties, friends, etc.
  • Although the point of the Counterfeit Kit Challenge is to
    shop from your own stash, I did hit up a clearance sale at A.C.
    Moore for a few goodies
  • Decision is made not to use photographs so niece can fill
    album with her photographs from graduation and graduation parties

  • MOTIVATION: To spend minimum 15 minutes or
    create minimum 1 page per day, whichever I feel like it at the

  • WHERE TO SCRAP: For some reason, although I
    have plenty of desk space, and it is clear....I am working on
    this project on the floor

  • Begin! You
    can see the beginnings here.

  • SHARE: Photograph and share online progress

  • Make page 2 of acrylic album using smaller embellishments
    than on the cover. These embellishments will hide any adhesives
    or other items you do not want to show.  See next image.
  • Make a transparency page for page 3 per inspiration from
    Sally Lynn
These are also my Pages 2 -5 for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

  • Choose a second acrylic page, and scrap with textured
    cardstock, ribbon, journaling box and punches.
  • Let ideas about stamping on this page simmer overnight.

  • Repeat Step 6
P.S.  I have a new blog badge as I've signed up for Stacy
Julian's Photo Freedom class at Big Picture Classes online.

Are you having fun yet?
  • You have a nice digital camera and you're taking plenty of wonderful pictures to spark happy memories and help you tell personal stories.
  • You own lots of beautiful papers and decorative embellishments and you've put time and energy into organizing these supplies so that they can inspire your inherent creativity.
  • You have a strong desire to make good on these investments and yet something is missing. You just can't seem to wrap your brain around the whole process of taking pictures, organizing stuff, finding time, making pages and projects, and feeling productive and satisfied when it comes to scrapbooking. You want to know that all this effort is making a difference, that you're doing it "right" and that what you create will have meaning in the future.
You're invited to join BPC founder Stacy Julian in the newest iteration of her popular Library of Memories course, so that she can set you free to find what you want to find, when you want to find it, and to create what you feel inspired to create, when you feel inspired to create it. Specifically, Stacy will help you establish a digital workflow to prioritize and organize the
thousands of digital images on your computer. She'll give you direction for the boxes of prints at the top of your closet and she'll introduce you to a wonderfully flexible and inviting system of storing and sharing memories that you can adapt to your personal goals and needs. All along the way, Stacy and her experienced team of coaches will encourage you to let go of unrealistic expectations and unnecessary rules, so that you can embrace the future of memory preservation with confidence. 

Take Photo Freedom with me!

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taylortattle said...

Simply gorgeous Julie Ann, thanks for sharing your process too! Ack, I must sign up for Stacy's class too! Sue x

Cheri said...

I'm in Photo Freedom, but I'll be in the alumni classroom. The process really does take awhile to fully implement!

S said...

I love the vibrancy of your pages - it reminds me of your blog theme. Lovely and fun!

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

I love to hear about your creative process! The steps sound very doable and allow you to be flexible. Fantastic job creating all those pages with your kit! The colors are so bright and cheerful!

scrappymo! said...

I am certain that this album is going to be treasured forever. It is so vibrant and colourful!

A Creative Operation said...


Melissa said...

So glad you're taking Finding Photo Freedom - it is a wonderful workshop. I'm a coach in the workshop this year, so I'll "see" you there!

scrappymo! said...

Wow...loved the step my step...I have to admit, you make these seem easy! I know they are not, but you make me feel inspired to try one...Yikes!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love this post - thank you so much for sharing your creative process.

taylortattle said...

What a stunning album; thanks so much for sharing your process! Just signed up for Photo Freedom (Alumni), so I will see you there, woo hoo! Sue x

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