Sunday, May 1

OLW Blog Hop

Welcome to the One Little Word Monthly Blog Hop!
Xnomads' Blog

Here are my pages inspired by Ali Edward's prompt for One Little Word (the class at Big Picture Scrapbooking) for April. My OLW for 2011 is Fabulous, and you can see my previous posts from earlier in the year here.

Writing my letter to my self was made easier from Ali's questions in the handout, also from questions in The Essentials of Fabulous, and notes I'd taken through the month. I didn't sit down and write the letter in one sitting, the letter definitely took a month to write. I am so thankful to Marge for hosting the blog hop once again to keep me on point, making sure I get my OLW prompts finished!!!!

The next stop on the blog list is Jenn:


Lisa Allen

Abbey R
Jill C.
Amanda K.
Cheri A.
Rebekah P.
Lynn W.
Monica B2

Jen S.
Monica B1
Julie Ann
Donna B
Karen D

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scrappysue said...

Julie, what a great letter! I can feel so much enthusiasm leaping out of your words. And what a really cool word you chose too! Best of luck staying Fabulous!

shellinoz said...

cool stuff JA! Really love how you have been so positive and good to yourself in this letter.

backtoallen said...

Gorgeous page and beautiful letter. Just lovely.

Jen said...

Your album is coming along great! Thanks for sharing your letter writing experience/tips. I still need to write my letter.

MonicaB said...

Wonderful post and lovely letter!

Cheri said...

Love your word - and what a cool page!

Rebekah said...

Lovely writing, glad you could take your time with it! Thanks for sharing with us!

JennL said...

what a lovely page! i loved that you shared your letter. i think that we are all experiencing so many of the same things. it is nice to share & learn from one another.

learncreatedo said...

what a Fabulous letter. thanks for sharing :)

ScrappnBee said...

Great layout! Thanks for sharing your letter! Look forward to seeing you on the next hop in June!!!- Amanda

jamie said...

great idea to write the letter in parts and not the whole. that would be a great suggestion for olw'ers struggling with that portion. i just sat down and did it and tried not to think about it too much.
great layout too!

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