Saturday, June 4

The Truest Test of Love

Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #22: Test

Supplies: (For A Limited Time you can get all the supplies except for a few fonts for just $5 in Studio Tangie's June Grab Bag!)
Here's the actual list...
*Deconstructed Journals No. 2
*That's What She Said {No. 1}
*Collage Fodder: Oh Man
*Diving In
*Quickity Split N Print Vol. 7


Supplies: Field Notes IV (Spring) by Tangie, Paper template: Crinkled, Folded and Torn Templates by Sweet Genevieve Designs, Scrap Simple Paper Template: Crumpled Corners (scrapgirls), Style: Paperword Art Style by Tangie

Journaling: Even though I wasn’t feeling well, I rallied by the end of day so we could celebrate Friday’s birthday/adoptiversary. We believe he is now 5 years old. It’s been a wonderful, fabulous year - that we would repeat a hundred times over as along as we ended up with him. Dave gave him Maple Walnut Ice cream as a treat. May 1, 2011

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1 comment:

WillieburgScrapper said...

Love both Julie! That first one killed me- the color is FANTASTIC! Very inspirational!

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