Friday, July 29


Where have I been? Have you thought I've disappeared forever? LOL I've been enjoying my summer and making memories, as well as working very hard on several projects.  I'm blogging at the Studio Tangie blog on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If you are interested in art journaling especially, you'll want to check it out!

Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #30 by Julie Ann Shahin

I've got some special news to share on August 6th! In the meantime, I'm backing up my computer. My laptop is dying. My husband is going to re-format it in an effort to save it. I hope it works.

Here's a great sale for you!
Presto Chango Sale
It's the last days of the first ever "PRESTO CHANGO" sale at Studio Tangie! Every day the sale items will change at random! All you have to do is search the magic keyword "ALAKAZAM"!

This sale is can save from 49% to 55% off of Tangie's fabulous items! Today she has two pages of goodies for sale.

Also introducing from Tangie, new adventure of "self-contained" workshops. Everything you need to get started including videos (you download and keep!), supply lists and digital materials.
...because sometimes boxes are good!

Studio Box Workshop No.1 Buildable, Printable Art Journal
Have you ever wanted to try art journaling on "real" paper, but don't want the fuss and mess of ink and paint all over your kitchen table? Are you scared of Gesso? Or perhaps you are an avid art journaler already but would love to have a "base" to get you started? Then this workshop is for you!

Using the templates & instructions, you will build art journal pages to print and have ready to jot down thoughts and/or your daily doings in 5 minutes or less a day!
(You can even use these as a planner or calendar!)

Through the videos we'll build art journal pages with the pre-made bases and templates provided (100's of combinations!), print and art journal by hand. I even show you some quick easy ways to incorporate your pages into existing journals or make one out of your newly printed pages! Of course this workshop can also be used 100% digital as well.

You get the following in your "Studio Box Workshop"
[Over 30 Digital Pre-made Art Journal pages in 8.5x11 ready to print]
[Weekly Overlays: 5 Doodled, 5 Masks & 2 Matching Gesso]
[Biweekly Overlays: 5 Doodled, 5 Masks & 3 Matching Gesso]
[Monthly Overlays: 5 Doodled, 5 Masks & 2 Matching Gesso]
[Daily Word Art: 3 of Each Day]
[Monthly Word Art: 2 Random Doodled of Each Month]
[Two Downloadable Instructional Videos]
[Supply List and Shopping Resource Guide for OPTIONAL hybrid materials]
[BONUS! For PSE/PS users Gesso and Blending Styles]

To make full use of this workshop you will need the following:

*A way to watch MP4's (most computers allow this)
*Printer (or access to a printer)
*Sharpie fine point and medium point marker
(other materials as listed in the supply list are optional!)

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