Saturday, July 2

Two Wonderful People and New Counterfeit Kit Challenge Layout

Today is my parent's anniversary. I believe it is their 46th year of marriage? They have had a very stable marriage, that I know for sure, even though my mother says that they married too young (at age 18 or 19...I'm afraid to say which one because I usually get it wrong). They started dating around age 15 in high school. Here are their high school senior portraits, aren't they darling?

And here we all are on the day of my marriage to my own husband. I am happy that today I have a good relationship with my parents although it hasn't always been that way, there was a year in my 20's that I didn't speak to them. Time does heal all, I can tell you. I learned that what they couldn't give me, I had to give to myself. And now, my sister just gave birth to her first son - so they are ecstatic first-time grandparents, and the whole family feels closer once again. The best part, for me, is that they live out-of-state - but not too far...about 4 hours away. The bonus is that they have finally settled down in one place, all my life they have never stayed in one place very long, six or seven years was the maximum. That helped me define what I wanted in my life - a husband who had roots in this community and wasn't looking to transfer out. In August, we will have lived in this house for 10 years! So Happy Anniversary to my parents, who have been the best parents that they knew how, who demonstrated what healthy, loyal, true love is, who reluctantly gave me space when I needed it, and who love me very much too. We love you!!! xoxo


Yesterday it was so lovely that I had to scrapbook outside with my Counterfeit Kit.

I made a layout from when I swam with dolphins in Key Largo. It was a dream come true. 



 Ok, my husband  is pulling me away to go for a walk. Have a great day!!!
(frames used in this post are by Rhonna Farrer)

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Lisa said...

What a sweet post about your parents. Happy Anniversary to them.

As for your layout? Love it. So much to see, so many layers and that tulle swirl is gorgeous. What a wonderful experience you must have had.

helen said...

That swirl really works - love all the little details - you suddenly find another, then another!

curlyqmosaics said...

What a fun & unique layout! I love the way you incorporated the tulle, so eye catching!

The pictures of your parents are precious, and that photo of you on your wedding day...gorgeous!!!

Tammy said...

Congrats to your parents! That is awesome. I love your layout! So many fun details and lots of texture. I love it!

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