Thursday, October 6

October Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Time!

Hello friends! It's October 6th and the Master Forgers (that's me now!) are sharing their Counterfeit Kits.

It's always exciting for the reveal of the new kit every month. I love this month's kits. And this month I had the opportunity to create a Pumpkin Patchpage kit too (to be revealed later this month)! Ok, now for the good stuff, without any further delay, drumroll please:
This Month's Inspiration Kit... 

Again, the October 2011 Inspiration Kit is going to be a kit from 2010.  Starting next month we will be featuring more current kit clubs once again.  But for October we are going to be working with 2 kits from Little Red Scrapbook
You can view the September/October 2010 inspiration kits (and the lists of contents) from Little Red Scrapbook here.  There are two kits to choose from, feel free to counterfeit either of the kits.  If you want to do both of them, that's great too!  

My October Main Kit: As Summer Into Autumn Slips

I named my Main Kit "As Summer Into Autumn Slips" after a famous poem because there are still warm days left here in October, and the colors in this kit remind me of summer, and I have plenty of summer photos left to scrap!

The Inspiration Kit from Little Red Scrapbook was pinks, greens, yellows, and light blues which is were I took my cue for the color scheme. Since LRS had used co-ordinating papers from American Crafts Dear Lizzy, I decided to do something similiar and use co-ordinating papers from Cosmo Cricket.

I took a lot of time to hand-make these embellishments, inspired by the yo-yo's in the Inspiration Kit. I wanted the embellishments to co-ordinate with the style of the graphics in the paper, as you see above. Plus I'm a crocheting fool these days, so a little crocheted goodies too!

Here are some online tutorials for making these type of embellishments. I could some of these write tutorials, but it's already been done!

How to Make Felt Yo Yo's (Or Felt Yo Yo Flowers)

How  to Make Embroidered Felt Flower

Learn How to Crochet

How to Crochet Teeny Tiny Flowers

How to Crochet a Butterfly

Here's a list of the Master Forger blogs if you'd like to check their out October Counterfeit Kits too:

Master Forger's Blog Links

P.S. I'm also keeping a Halloween Art Journal. Check it out here!

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Sandra said...

You've got an amazing kit there, can't wait to see what you create

scrappysue said...

Awesome kit, looking forward to seeing your projects! Been meaning to have a go at crocheting again, thanks so much for the links. Love all your hand made embellies! x

Margie said...

Your kit is so awesome!! I love your handmade embellies, especially!!

Helen said...

Love your colour choices and of course your beautiful handmade lovelies!

Jessie said...

Love your kit! Those handmade embellishments are just lovely... I love the embroidered flowers! :) I need to try my hand at making my own!

Jimjams said...

Brilliant kits in every sense. LOVE the crocheted butterflies!!!

OneScrapHappyMomma said...

I love all of your handmade embellies! Simply gorgeous!

Rebecca at How I Burb said...

Holy smokes, your embellishments are incredible! I can't wait to see how you use all those handmade goodies.

Glinda said...

Wow! Love those embellishments. I want to run out and get some felt and try to make some. Thanks for sharing the links. Your kits are all great and I can't wait to see what you create from them.

Lisa said...

wow girl, that's a whole lot of colour! love it! and your hand-made embellies are truly gorgeous and I'll be checking out the links you've shared. great!

S said...

Magnificient - that's all I can say. I would love to get my hands on all those goodies. I hope you enjoy using every bit of it. And if you whip something up with that Cosmo Cricket, be sure and link up over at my blog for my In Good Company challenge.

Keri said...

Julie Ann, love your work, love this kit! Love all your handmade embellishments, especially the look of those gorgeous yo-yo flowers! Love all the trims and tapes here too, and the bright bold papers with pops of black.

Thanks so much for your blog comment're welcome to come over and "shop" at my house anytime, lol.

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