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One Little Word Monthly Blog Hop: October!

Welcome to the OLW October Blog Hop!
I'm the second stop, if you would enjoy starting from the beginning, you may start here. The blog hop goes live at 8 a.m. PACIFIC Time.

Everyone is welcome to hop along the Blog Hop, which is made up of a group from Ali Edwards' Yearlong Big Picture Class One Little Word. Once a month, we organize a blog hop to share our monthly assignment from the class.

September's Assignment

"Last month we took a breath. This month we are choosing a battle." -Ali

Step 1.
The first step in Ali's assignment was to read a story by  Andrea Scher, about her one little word and how it's played out in her life this year.  I love this quote from a story within her story, "that they (Buddhists) believe when a lot of things are going wrong all at once, it is to protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born-and that this something needs for you to be distracted so that it can be born as perfectly as possible.” © ANDREA SCHER

I relate to this so well as I thought one benefit of choosing the word Fabulous for my word for my Fortieth Year of Life would be to focus on fitness and health and I'd craft a better-looking body. However, since January, this has not worked quite in my favor, as I hoped. I started out at the beginning of the year dealing with my chronic shoulder pain from an old car accident. I had been getting injections for the pain, however this year I decided to try physical therapy instead, for both shoulders and bear it out without any injections. I'm glad to say I made it through and my shoulders are now healed from physical therapy.

Then, also early in the year, my left ankle/foot was in pain and I started physical therapy for that as well. I stopped taking my dog on long walks and instead just a short 5 or 1o minute walk. It took several months for my left ankle to heal.  It was almost fully healed by spring, when I was taking a belly-dancing class, my left-hip happened to start flaring in major pain, a bit of bursitis and who knows what else. So more physical therapy, and grinning and bearing the pain through belly-dancing in the meantime.  By now, I have lots and lots of physical therapy exercises to rotate through. I do have to say, my therapist, Dr. Heather at Callan-Harris in Rochester, is amazing.

If all those injuries (I use that term lightly because they are more flare-ups than actual injuries) weren't enough, by late-August...I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot! I couldn't bear weight on it.  I couldn't walk. This has been the most frustrating of all the injuries.
To go back to the quote above from Andrea's story, I sure hope all of these things going wrong with my body is indeed "a distraction for something... big and lovely.... to be... born as perfectly as possible!"

Step Two.
The second step is "think about your current battles, and to go back to May's Assignment, and look at what you documented as your "tasks/missions/objectives/thoughts/things to tackle".

  • Belly Dancing - Has this task changed? Yes. I completed the class in May. I decided not to take any additional classes this year, so I've let it go.
  • Sensation: excitement and interest - Has this task changed? No, this task has not changed, I still want to invite sensation into my life. Observations: Made my mother an exciting birthday gift; visited my niece in her freshman dorm and took her out to lunch; visited my 4-month old nephew; encouraged husband to take us out on the boat on good weather days
  • Romance: love story - Has this task changed? No, this task has not changed, I still want to invite romance into our life and marriage. Observations: A lot of communication, as well as teamwork in antiquing and nesting with our home to make it romantic, comfortable, and suited for us.
  • Stories: documenting - Has this task changed? No, this task has not changed, I still want tell the stories and document them. Observations: I am firmly keeping a foot planted in each and both the digital and paper worlds of scrapping. I did not get as many pages completed this summer as I would have liked, however, now that I am on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Team I plan to get many more pages completed. I do see I am more satisfied with the pages I have completed. I am also keeping up with One Little Word as best I can.
  • Miracles: any amazing or wonderful occurrence- Has this task changed? No, this task has not changed, I still want to invite miracles into my life. Observations: One of my favorite miracles right now is seeing my baby nephew grow. Also I think it's a miracle that my husband has bought new furniture for our kitchen that I picked out and he helped locate online. How fabulous is that?
  • Surprises: sudden unexpected events - Has this task changed? No, this task has not changed, I still want to invite surprises into my life, as long as they are positive, loving, healing, fabulous surprises! No more surprises in the form of flare-ups and unwanted health issues. Observations: My husband surprised me by offering to help my father fix his roof.
  • Action: put in effect -  Has this task changed? No, this task has not changed, I still want to invite action into my life. Observations: I've taken lots of action this month. I've been very active posting on the Studio Tangie blog, and wrote up a blog schedule through December 31st, 2011. I also learned to crochet last month and have been crocheting everyday. I mentioned that Dave and I have been antiquing/going to flea markets/thrifting and decorating our home. I am maintaining my health by keeping all my doctor appointments, doing my exercises, walking the dog, using the exercise bike, and eating right.
  • Magic: any extraordinary or mystical influence, charm, power, etc. - Has this task changed? No, this task has not changed, I still want to invite magic into my life. Observations: Magical evenings with my husband; other private observations put in my bedside journal.

Step Three. Choose a Battle to Fight.

A battle I'm choosing to fight: The biggest battle I’m choosing to fight right now is to fight for my health, and that means taking care of the biggest priority - plantar fasciitis in my right foot. If I don’t fight this, I can’t bear weight on my foot, I can’t walk, I can’t exercise myself nor my dog, and I can’t maintain nor lose weight. I need to do this to be Fabulous.

The first step I'm taking in this battle: Schedule appointment with podiatrist. (Then follow what he says to do!)
A battle I'm choosing to surrender: I’m choosing to surrender grudges and bitterness. “Holding a grudge against someone is like allowing them to live rent-free in your head.” -Unknown I have actually gone through with this surrender on several relationships, and I feel much happier. I’m not perfect yet. There is still one grudge that will take a bit longer for me to surrender fully.
Current thoughts on my word: It felt fabulous to teach Reid how to swim before we closed the pool. It felt fabulous to make the team for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog. It felt fabulous to visit my niece at the University of Buffalo and take her out to lunch, and to visit my sister and my baby nephew as well. It felt fabulous to have my mom visit for a few days, and take her thrifting, her favorite thing. It felt fabulous to nest and decorate the house. It’s fabulous to love and be loved by my husband.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! Your next stop on the blog hop is a very sweet girl I'm getting to know through her blog via this course and also from past courses I've taken such as Blogging for Scrapbookers....--->Cheri!!!!

And if you are looking for the complete OLW October Blog Hop List:


JennL said...

I love that you included images within your worksheet, especially the little foot! Great work this month. : )

Jan B said...

Yes - I love the little photos, too.

I've had that plantar fac-y thing. Ouch! Get a tennis ball and, while you're sitting, roll it around (with good pressure) on the floor just under the arch of your foot. I found that really helpful... It's gone now.

Anyway, blessings on your fabulous journey! :)

backtoallen said...

I love the image of the flower on your worksheet! AND that you are surrendering bitterness and grudges. Right there with you, though for me it's a process.

Xnomads said...

You are always so inspiring. You are doing a fantastic job with your word. Or I should say 'fabulous', shouldn't I? Thanks so much for participating in the blog hop each month.

MonicaB said...

Good for you that you are battling for your health. It's always so easy to put off those doctor appointments until later. Best of luck at your appointment.

Cheri said...

What a fabulous post! I love how you filled out the worksheet for this month. As for all of the medical issues... in a sort of "been there - done that" way, I can truly empathize. The plantar fascitis can take a long time to heal. And you can think it is gone only to have it resurface again in a couple of months. Mine took about 3 years to completely dissipate. If your PT hasn't already recommended it, I highly recommend a very good pair of walking shoes AND inserts in them. The orthopedic ones made to fit your feet are very pricey and not covered by insurance, but you can get decent ones at WalMart at the Dr. Scholls machine. You stand on a mat and by the way you carry your weight on your feet, it tells you which ones you need. Very important for support!

learncreatedo said...

You are doing a fabulous job, despite all the injuries and setbacks. I loved the Buddhist's quote by Andrea too.

seriousplay said...

I hear ya when it comes to pain! Bless you as you work through it.

Lynn said...

Nice to "meet" you and loved reading all about your word and your journey with it! Fabulous job!

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