Thursday, December 1

Journal Your Christmsas/ December Daily Day 1

Here we go again! Happy December to all. I have decided to do my 2011 JYC album in digital, and as I posted earlier, I will finish my 2010 album with the kit shown a few days ago. 

Today we again had another unseasonably warm day, as we had most of November. November was full of 60 degree Farenheit days, warm and sunny. Not the dull gray November that I'm used to here in the Northeast. I spent the afternoon at the chiropractor, who is really awesome. He ran late because his office was full of patients. Driving home, I noticed Christmas lights on houses and thought that we ought to take an early drive to look at lights, even though it's a Christmas eve tradition. I took my dog for a walk when I got home, and my neighbor was out with her new little puppie Maltie-poo in her yard. My dog loves her, he jumped on her lap and was so excited to see her. Later in the evening, at home, my husband and I reserved a vacation rental for Miami in 2012...and we are also going to Sedona in 2012 so it's looking like a great travel year already. I spoke to my sister briefly, but I want to see if we can all go to together to take her son to see Santa when Mom visits or if her and her husband want to go alone. I want to put these thoughts in my Christmas journal sometime.

Thanks for visiting!

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Digi Deana said...

Your page is beautiful!

Bonita Rose said...

so neat u are doing this too... me too.. I've updated my blog in the past few days with a few jyc posts.. so so fun!

Elliefantasy said...

love your page, its really cool, esp the font that you are using!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great looking page!

Emily said...

Beautiful JYC album choice!!! I love the colors! So you!!! I'm excited to see your journal progress over the weeks to come!!

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