Saturday, December 3

Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas/ December Daily Day 2 and 3

Day 2

Credits: Cosmo Cricket, Echo Park, Rhonna Designs, Studio Tangie, Sara Gleason Template, GeoSansLight Font

Day 3

Credits: Echo Park, Cosmo Cricket, Studio Tangie, Sara Gleason Template, Ali Edwards word art, GeoSansLight Font

Hopefully tomorrow or within the next three days I will share what products I am using in full detail. I've finally gathered everything and decided  to go with these awesome templates by Sara Gleason. Full disclosure coming soon! I promise! :) These pages are kicking my butt though, how about you? Taking forever! Hopefully they'll start to go faster.

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Emily said...

I really love your cards page.... those ideas are too cute!! I see nothing wrong with wanting to take a picture for your holiday card like those.... they are super cute!!! If you get them done, be sure to share!!

Karen Williams said...

the pages look beautiful- I'm already behind- hope to catch up today- love the card page- I saw those on pinterest too-

Cheri said...

really cute card ideas - hope you'll post what you actually do!

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