Sunday, January 1

Journal Your Christmas Updates Day 22 - 30

Happy New Year! I wish you the most magnificient year ever!!!!
Happy New Year 2012!

I've been catching up with Journal Your Christmas. I stayed up with it until December 26th. Then I skipped it until the 30th. I want to go back and do the dates I skipped when I have time.
Day 23

Day 24 (two pager)

Day 24 (left page)

Day 24 (right side)

Day 25

Day 30 (two pager)

 Day 30 (left side)

Day 30 (right side)

I have Day 31 almost finished yet I wanted to get these posted since it's been a few days since I've blogged. I hope everyone had a magical New Year's Eve. Hubby and I stayed in. I got dressed up for dinner, and then we played board games. Later we got into PJ's, had sparkling cider, cookie cupcakes, and watched Dick Clark's New Year's Eve!

Thanks for visiting today!!! As always, you're comments make my day! xoxo

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Glinda said...

Beautiful layouts. You are such a inspiraton to me. Thank you and Happy New Year.

Margie said...

I have enjoyed your December Daily/Journal your Christmas so much this year!! It has to be one of my favorites that I've seen this year! And I have enjoyed seeing all of the pages, and was super busy earlier in the month and didn't have a lot of chances to comment.

Lisa said...

your journal is really lovely. well done!!

Emily said...

Happy New Year Julie Ann! I love your latest pages....they are great!!!

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