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February Counterfeit Kit Blog Challenge

Welcome to the Master Forgers Blog Hop!
The Counterfeit Kit Challenge is your answer to kit envy!!!
From the Counterfeit Kit Blog Challenge:
This Month's Inspiration Kit... 
The February 2012 Inspiration Kit is your choice of two kits released in January and February by Scrapbook Circle.  The first choice is their Valentine's Themed Kit called "You and Me", the second choice is their December Kit called "Note to Self".  Feel free to counterfeit one or both kits!

I decided to do my kit this month all digi.I pulled some kraft papers as inspired by the inspiration kit. Also added the herringbone inspired by the paper in the inspiration kit. Then the other papers were from Valentine-type digi kits that I had. For elements, I had the Jenni Bowlin Bingo card from when she used to sell digi at (now closed). I added in a honeycomb element from Rhonna Farrer. Of course there is a doily, and I altered a playing card with the letter "L" for love. Then I added in my favorite Valentine elements from various kits. I pulled five alphabets that I thought would be perfect. Product list is below.

Papers Credits:
WW Counting, hunibuni loveme, EHI Hearts Desire, tangie wonderland, vera lim love, cvisions everydayme, tia bennet pinkoctober, tangie baxter MTreehouse, EHI Nessa, tangie baxter Mercado Salvage Collab, gina cabrera paper script cardboard, SSA FYF, 41 (kraft), LaurieAnn HGD Dirty Cardstock, tangie baxter mixed media cherry, drigdon heartsncrafts, drigdon hrtswhrt, sew doodly tangie baxter, shabby princess sweetheart sentiments

Word Art In My Kit (not all may be pictured):
janet carr Loves of My Life, Love & Affection?, Parisian Anthology Ho3, Art Stomp rsmith, tangie baxter silhouettes, tangie baxter what I love to do, shabby princess sentiments, rhonna farrer valentine always, STI definitions marriage, Nancy Kubo Totally Sweet Doodles, carrie stephens dog, WW Cherish, AAB Thankful Love, AEdwards LoveYou, AEdwards Lovely, Audrey Neal family tree, Emily Powers Owl Love U Forever, Emily Merritt Love Birds, Kathryn Wilson Word Rubons, Angela Powers Love Beauty Marks, Leora Sanford Put A Lid On It, EHI Hearts Desire, Gina Cabrera Postal Stamp, Gina Cabrera Stamp xoxo, Tangie Baxter AJC Parcel 44, mr sol , Fee Jardine You&Me, VRA SS TypePaths Hearts 2101
Elements in my Kit: (not all may be pictured)
Tangie Baxter Mixed Media Cherry, AJC Parcel 50, Meredith Fenwick Sweet Notions, tangie baxter AJC parcel28, tangie baxter Thoughts of Thee, Rhonna Farrer Christmas Junque, Jenni Bowlin bingocard, The Loves Of My Life Janet Carr, tangie baxter  Field Notes Spring, EHI Hearts Desire, Gina Cabrera Ribbon Dotty gold, Vera Lim Love, Kate Hadfield Lovebird, Amy Hutchinson LoveBirds, tangie baxter Valentie ATC, tangie baxter Splattergraffiti Love, tangie baxter Brown Sugar, Tia Bennett Dolce Love, Julie Mead lovebirds, EHI Dream, Corina All About Tags, pspring littlemiss, tangie baxter splattergraffiti sweetheart, SJD enchanted, Gina Cabrera Office Paperclip, Gina Cabrera Heart Glitter, Gina Cabrera Felt Heart, Meredith Fenwick Kraft Notecards, Tangie Baxter Collage Fodder Hearts, Gina Cabrera Sparkle Heart Pin, Gina Cabrera Stamp Eiffel Tower, tangie baxter hhheart, tangie SPGaveUs, LaurieAnn HGD lovebirds, Tangie Baxter ATC Blissful, Emily Powers Love Beauty Marks, Gina Cabrera Cream Button

Alphas In My Kit:
Gina Cabrera Alpha Essentials Lovey Dovey Mega Kit, Lauren Reid PJs4Love, Kelly Mize Mini Bead Alpha, EHI Hearts Desire, Weeds and Wildflowers Stitching ABC's

From the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog:
"What's the next step???

The CHALLENGE is to use this kit for inspiration. How, you ask? Well, there are many ways to go about this. Here are a few ideas...
  • Try and match every piece in the kit as close as possible to something from your supply stash.
  • Use the "kit contents" as inspiration, and recreate your own kit with the same types of supplies, but in a different color or style that corresponds better with your preferences/photographs/scrapbook style/tastes.
  • Make an even smaller "page kit" or "card kit"..."counterfeiting" just a few items from this month's kit as inspiration. 
  • Using the color scheme from the kits as inspiration, try to re-create a kit of your own using whatever supplies you have available.
What's to come?...
  • Today we are sharing pictures of the inspired Counterfeit Kits we put together from our stash of supplies.  The link for you to share pictures of your Counterfeit Kits with each other is here
  • Over the next week, we will add links to tutorials for counterfeiting many of the embellishments in this month's inspiration Kit's.
  • Over the next month, we will post mini challenges to USE your new kit, as well as organize a blog hop to share your creations! 
  • We hope you all find some inspiration in the kit club we choose this month!!!  If you aren't sure where to begin, check out the "Hints and Tips" page of our blog for some help.  Feel free to leave a comment, questions, or any suggestions!!!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Mister Linky For February 2012
To find the Mister Linky Post quickly, there is a link on the top right sidebar of our blog called "Mister Linky Post".  Every time you would like to link a picture of your counterfeit kit, or a layout you made with your kit, please link it to that Mister Linky, also found here

You do not need to have a blog or on-line gallery to link your pictures.  You can upload the picture to your Facebook (don't forget to share it as "public") and link that web address to Mister Linky!  Or, if you need help figuring out how to link your work, please e-mail us, attach your picture, and we'll help you out.  Our e-mail is

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Jimjams said...

Oooh a new? departure for you JA - I can't do digi, but I'm sure you'll ace the challenges this month with this lovely kit!

Helen said...

Cool kit! I love all of it! You've reminded me to print off some hybrid bits again - I seem to have forgotten the digi stuff lately :)

Margie said...

Love, love your digi kit this month! Can't wait to see your projects!

mytwoandras said...

I don't do any digi-scrapping, but I love your kit and the fun alphas.

Tricia said...

I love the blue in your kit. I am still resisting digi with all my mind and might! You go girl!

Lisa said...

digi scares me so I'm really interested to see what you create with this super pink and pretty kit! interesting!

S said...

There's so much pretty and fun stuff here - I bet you'll have a blast!

Brenda Smith said...

Love that you're doing digi. Looks like you have some fun elements here. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Oh digi! I can't wait to see what you make this month!

redmom said...

You know this kit almost has me inspried enough to dabble into the digi world!! So beautiful!

Glinda said...

Once again I am in awe with your kit. I am so looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Lisa said...

Beautiful kit i love the colors!

Tricia said...

I love the colors you choose, beautiful kit!

Tara O said...

These are absolutely GAWGEOUS!! Love them!!

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