Friday, February 10

"My Vision For Health" 2012 Art Journaling Prompts

At the Studio Tangie Blog, I have been writing articles for Art Journaling 102 since the New Year began, and with a fresh theme as well, which we call “My Vision for 2012″. Each month we will have a different focus or sub-theme such as Health, Knowledge, Creativity, Family, Dreams, Abundance, etc. We will have journaling prompts geared toward this theme. In January for our sub-theme was Health…so our pages all related to Our Vision for 2012: Health. For February, our sub-theme is Knowledge.
Also we will be rotating topics that have been hits such as Favorite Art Journal Blogs, Technique Feature, and introducing I Don’t Have Anything to Journal About - Myth Busters Journal Prompts”. The Studio Tangie Creative Team will also be contributing to inspiration to these posts as well!

Today I'm sharing my links of the posts I've written for My Vision for 2012. Grab a cup of coffee, relax, and check it out!

My Vision for 2012: Health – Prompt #1  

Take a photo of one thing that is healthy (a recipe, a piece of home gym equipment, new sneakers, the pool at your gym, etc.) and journal about what makes it so. Link up {here}.

My Vision for 2012: Health -Prompt #2:

What is a healthy habit that you enjoy? (Getting enough sleep, socializing, healthy snacks, drinking tea?) Journal about this habit. Link up {here}.

My Vision of 2012: Health Prompt #3
Would you want to live to be 100? Why or why not? Journal your reasons. Link up {here}.

My Vision for Health: Prompt #4

How does your inner circle aka “your tribe” influence your health for the better? Journal the reasons they support your health. Link up {here.}


{My Vision for 2012: Knowledge – February Prompt #1}

What books do you want to read this year? Journal about several books, the genre, and the reasons why they appeal to you. Create a page, upload it to a gallery or blog, and link it at this {post} on the Studio Tangie Blog.


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