Wednesday, March 21

Art Journaling 102 Techniques

I have been blogging a lot over at Studio Tangie. Here are some of the highlights:

Art Journaling 102: Technique Feature – {Hybrid} Tutorial

Gesso Wash & Borders


Art Journaling 102: Technique Feature – Actions

Actions used on this page:
1. On the text, I used a different color Light Saber glow styles for PS/PSE By Tangie on each line.
2. I also used the Light Saber glow styles for PS/PSE By Tangie around the silhouette.
3. I used the Paperworn Art Styles & BONUS Action By Tangie on the quote text, and the green heart word art.

Art Journaling 102 – Digi Technique Feature: The Burn Tool Tutorial

 Credits: all by Tangie Baxter – AJC 12 Parcel 6, AJC 12 Parcel 7, Gesso Messy 5, Gesso Messy 3, Dream Spilling Alpha, Steampunk Lab, ATC Melodies, AJC 11 Parcel 47 with Flergs, aMUSEing Art Dolls with Rebecca McMeen, She Paperdolls, MUSEical Theatre, Junque Journal, Art Journal Paper Worn Styles, Font: Art Journaling Font Canary by Tangie

Art Journaling 102 – Digi Technique Feature: Curves

"Imagination is the eye of the soul." - Joseph Joubert
I chose this quotation because the theme of our "My Vision for 2012" prompts in March is creativity, and this quote spoke to me on that subject. I can't imagine going a week, or even a few days without creating something. My husband is a musician, and he works on his music every day as well.

Technique: I used a curved template, as well as a curved text path in Photoshop Elements. As a finishing touch, I added a border with curves in it, and stars with swirls.

Credits: all by Tangie Baxter unless noted otherwise
Key: Thoughts of Thee
Button: Gee That's Swell, Mixed Media Cobalt
Splatter: Stacy Jane, Mixed Media Lime
Stars: DODDOS, Collage Fodder Stars, TCOI C16
Metal: TCOI C7
Tape: Wonderland, Mixed Media Lime
Circles: AJC12 Parcel 7
Butterfly: Mixed Media Buttercup
Eye: Unconventional Wisdom
Gear: Steampunk Lab
Eyepiece: Steampunk Band
Papers: QQuickety Split Vol. 5,Quickety Split Vol. 7, Painted Grunge, Art Stomp with Roben-Marie Smith, Asian Abundance with Amanda Sexton
Border: Quickety Split Borders 1
Other - Body: Divas by Tumblefish Studios, Get Funky by Crowabout StudioB; Textpath: Scrapsimple TypePath Curve 2101 by Valerie Randall

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