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Favorite Art Journal Bloggers

At the Studio Tangie Blog, I have been writing articles for Art Journaling 102 Favorite Art Journal Bloggers. Here are the links to the posts, and the pages I created for the posts too!

Art Journaling 102: Vision for 2012 and Spotlight on Dina Wakely’s Blog

 We Love

We love these pages at
Thus we challenge you to: Create a page with splatters. Relate it to the theme for January “My Vision for 2012: Health”

Challenge: Create a page with splatters. Link up {here}.


Art Journaling 102: Spotlight on Judy Wise’s Blog

We Love

Create an art journal page inspired by the title “My Journey”. Relate it to the theme of the month (i.e. My Vision for 2012 – January: Health). Link Up Here.

This is part of my journey with Fibromyalgia, a degenerative muscle syndrome. You go from “start” aka “normal” or life free of pain to “Fibromyalgia Island” where you feel alone with the diagnosis. There is the “Land of Tears and Aches”, where you hurt from head to toe and just cry. Thank goodness those days for me were in the mid-90′s, long behind me.  Then we move onto the FMS Association, “land of respite” – where I found a welcome place to be, support, and a lot of information at meetings that I went to. Moving on, we travel to “Utopia of Dreams”: getting my lifelong insomnia under control with medication was a huge factor in helping my FMS symptoms. Next, we visit “Bones Beach”: a good chiropractor – essential to me. Then we travel through the feared “Injury Prone Zone” as my body is sensitive to slights, twists, and strains. This leads us to the place of “Biologic Restorative”: I found a really great physical therapist this year. (We’ve worked on everything from my shoulders and neck  all the way to my feet and everything in between). A journey to “Endocrinology Shores” was unexpected with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, which with research I’ve discovered is also linked to fibromyalgia or vice-versa, so I’ve consulted an endocrinologist. And we end at “Rheumatology Jungle” – as it was recommended that I see a rheumatologist for FMS so I have an appointment next month.

Instructions: For the page, I downloaded the globe from Free U.S. and World Free Royalty Free Maps You Can Download and Use For Your Projects. I erased the white background in Elements, and underlayed the patterned and solid papers. Then I added my own text and embellishments.
CREDITS: (all by Tangie Baxter except where noted) Art Journal Caravan Expedition 12,  Treetop Serenade, Up Up and Away, AJC Expedition 11, Art Journaling Font Alice


Art Journaling 102: Spotlight on Julie Prichard’s Blog!

We Love

We love this page by Julie Pritchard at her blog post Whirldwind.Summer.

Be Inspired:

Create an art journal page inspired by the title Yesterday/Today as seen on Julie’s page above. Bonus: Relate it to the theme of the month (i.e. My Vision for 2012 – February: Knowledge).

Upload the page to your blog,, or favorite gallery and link here so we can give you lots of praise!

 Poem by Emily Dickinson:
Yesterday is History,
‘Tis so far away
Yesterday is Poetry
‘Tis Philosophy
Yesterday is mystery
Where it is Today
While we shrewdly speculate
Flutter both away

I found this poem by Emily Dickinson that deals with the subject of Yesterday and Today. I believe the last two lines “While we shrewdly speculate/Flutter both away” is the lesson to be learnt that life is meant to be lived in the moment, also known as “Carpe Diem!”  I translated this into my page with the colors and word art that I selected. This is an all digi page that I wanted to make it look as if it were hybrid.

Credits: BY STUDIO TANGIE: AJC Parcel 5, AJC Parcel 9, AJC Parcel 20, AJC 2011 Expedition, Deconstructed No. 2, Deconstructed No. 3, Enchanted Art Box with SherrieJD,  Graffiti Papers, Cartography Set 9 Sea Papers, ARTist Sheet #868, Je T’adore with Rebecca McMeen, Gypsy Call 2, Perennial Paperie, Curious Adventures  Curious Elements Lot #79c, Haute Soiree, Ink Incorporated, Arsenic and Old Lace Word Art, Steampunk Bandwagon Word Art (altered), Studio Box Workshop #1 Word Art, AJC 11 Parcel 30 (gesso), Splatter Graffiti Breathe. OTHER: Poetry – More Dirty Words by CrowAbout StudioB, Yesterday/History/Today – Date Words by Audrey Neal




Art Journaling 102 Feature: Spotlight on LK Ludwig’s Blog!

We Love

We love this page by LK Ludwig: Photographic Painting

Be Inspired:

Create a page inspired by a photograph. (Feel free to get as creative as you want, we are not looking for it to be a scraplift.)

Bonus: (optional) Relate it to the theme of the month (i.e. My Vision for 2012 – March: Creativity).Upload the page to your blog,, or favorite gallery and link it to here so we can give you lots of praise!

This was a fun page to make to alter a photo with stamps. The word art appeals to me with the theme of creativity.

Credits: all by Tangie Baxter unless noted otherwise
xoxo tape, Coin Stamp: Journal Anthology III
Number 7: Journey Expedition Kit 2012
Create Word Art: Dream Spilling
Circle Paint: AJC Parcel 37
Bug Stamp, ATC: Black Licorice ATC Collection
Cloud: Splatter Graffiti Daydream
Rose Stamp: Valentine ATC Collection
Ladies Stamp: Sew Girlie
Hand: Steampunk Lab
Paper: Graffiti Papers
Word art : That’s What She Said Vol 1
Photo: Journal Anthology 7
Photo art: Dream Spilling
Artist word art: AJC Parcel 4 with Amanda Sexton
Label: No. Labels
Other: Watercolor with SherrieJD

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