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My Vision for 2012 Art Journaling Update

As I posted last month, I'm writing prompts for the Studio Tangie blog titled "My Vision for 2012" with a different theme each month. Here are the prompts and my pages since my last update.

My Vision for 2012: Knowledge Prompt #2: Which do you value more? Street smarts or book smarts?

Journaling: (this was the journaling as I intended it to be, but I had to cut out a lot in order for it to fit, thus what is in bold is what actually made it in)

Standing at the edge of the street, I looked both ways, and no cars were coming. I crossed the street although there was no cross-walk and the light was green. I was actually jay-walking but I was using my own mind to determine whether or not it was safe to make it across the lanes. I had been taught only to cross at the light, when it was red for on-coming traffic. At Michigan State University, we did this a lot in order to get to class in time. It was one way that I learned street smarts from watching what others did, and matching their moves. I loved doing this, I felt like a rebel.
I had always valued book smarts very highly, all through school, as I craved knowledge. I had an unusually high interest in learning, I suppose. Unfortunately, this put me at a huge disadvantage when I was thrust into “The Real World”. I expected my superiors to train me how to have the sense to handle myself in front of clients, although my superiors had no clue of this expectation.
My twenties were my training ground for street smarts. In the roughest way possible. I survived. Eventually I thrived. I had courage. I have scars, physical and those you can’t see.
I value having both book smarts and street smarts, yet I wish I had grown up learning a balance of both.

My Vision for 2012: Knowledge – Prompt #3

How would you like to increase your knowledge in 2012? Journal your goal(s).

Create your page based on this prompt, upload it to your favorite gallery such as the gallery, or your blog, or, and then link it on the Studio Tangie Blog so we can give you lots of praise!

Credits: all by Tangie – The Spark 2 Project Greatest Curiosity Complete Bundle, Art Journal Caravan 2011 Dot Dot Dot, Art Stomp Collab with Roben-Smith, Glittershapes – Large, What Rapture, Penned Bundle – Prose, Art Journal Caravan 2011 Parcel 26; Font: Art Journaling Font March Hare; Paperworn Journal Style


My Vision for 2012: Knowledge – Prompt #4

I get most of my information about the world

from _________________

(the news, T.V. shows, Google, Facebook, Twitter, email, message boards, etc.?)

Journal about one of these and why it is most convenient for you, and how you access it (T.V., iphone, Ipad, computer, laptop, etc.)

 Journaling: In 2012, I am not a big newshound. We do not get any newspapers or magazines right now. I am happy to ignore the nightly news for the most part. We do set the DVR for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The colbert Report, and Piers Morgan. My husband also watches The Late Show with David Letterman however this year I have grown bored with David Letterman. We also watch Saturday Night Live together,while I DVR for myself Oprah’s Next Chapter and her show Super Soul Sunday. My husband likes Real Time with Bill Maher. As for our online resources, my husband checks yahoo news headlines, and will yell out certain headlines now and then. We both have Facebook accounts, however my husband hardly uses his, and I have cut way back on my usage of Facebook. I also have my Twitter account, and I know many people get their news via Twitter, however, I know I would not ever get anything done if I checked my Twitter several times a day. I post to my Twitter several times a week, and then quickly leave Twitter before I get sucked in. I do get a lot of information from Pinterest, pertaining to D.I.Y., fashion, scrapbooking, trends, etc. Any other information comes via email, and face conversations with friends and family. I have not yet succumbed to a smart phone, iPod, iPad, or Kindle Fire. Yet! The tempation to get an iPad is getting ever greater.

Credits: BY TANGIE BAXTER – AJC12 Parcel 8, Glamorazzi, Collage Fodder Stars, Splatter Graffiti Imagination, Hero of the Night Collab with Molly DeCrow, Feline Dreaming, Merry Autumn, Collage Fodder Silhouettes, Studio Remnants Portfolio; Fonts: Art Journaling Font Dormouse, Art Journaling Font TweedleDeeALT; Other: ScrapSimple Paper News by STI at Scrapgirls


March – My Vision for 2012: Creativity

Prompt #1 Journal Your Best Advice for Creativity

I love this quotation from the Apple, Inc. commercial years ago and I’ve seen it floating around Pinterest as well so it was the first thing that came to mind for this prompt. There’s lots of advice out there for creativity, and my best advice is to look to the most creative mind of our time: Steve Jobs. This is my little belated tribute to him.

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward.
Maybe they have to be crazy.
How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? Or sit in silence and hear a song that’s never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels?
While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.  – Steve Jobs

Credits: all by Studio Tangie unless noted
Template: AJC Parcel 10 (altered), Paper: This Little Piggy, AJC Parcel 22, Journal Anthology III, AJC 11 Expedition Kit Stripes, Enchanted Art Box Striped Paper; Lightbulb Diecut: Steampunk Bandwagon; Banner: AJC 12 Expedition Kit; Different: Penned Bundle – Prose; Rules: Millenium Treehouse; Tape: Tape Bliss 1; Change: Deconstructed No. 4; Alpha: Marker Doodle Doo- Berry; Fonts: Art Journaling Fonts by Tangie: AJFTweedleDeeALT, AJFRockingHorseFly, AJFgryphon, AJFtweedledee, AJFcontrariwise, AJFfivesevenandtwo, AJFMockTurtle, AJCDodo, AJFbreadbutter, AJFmomeraths, AJFtigerlily, AJFDIRECTORBOLD. Other: Change word art (cursive): Write It Out Daily Life by krisi’s kreations;  Genius: Worn Label Tape by Christina Renee


My Vision for 2012: CreativityPrompt #2

What does your muse look like?

Journal your thoughts.

 My muse has flowers in her hair, she has wings, and she is beautiful. She is bold, wild, and inspired by life. I was told when I was in elementary school by a teacher that in order to remain creative, that I would have to hold on to my inner child’s creativity…not to ever let it go…so I have the child in the background as well.

Star: Collage Fodder Stars
Staple: Golden Ocean
Word Art, Stamp,Shine,Box: MUSEical Theatre
Word Art: Dream Spilling
Cloud: AJC Parcel 37
Border: Hey Doll
Stars: Awaiting Dawn
Stitches: Luminensce
Star brad: Studio Remnants Portfolio
Font: AJF Oyster
Wild Word Art: Male Call
Paint: AJC Parcel 1, AJC Parcel 31 with Amanda Sexton
Gesso Lace: AJC12 Parcel 4
Style: Paperworn Art Journal Style
Other: Bold Word Art: More Dirty Words by CrowAbout StudioB; Girl Body: Girl Whimsy by TumbleFish Studio, Head: Glamor Girls by Tumblefish Studio; Zetti Body: Divas by Tumblefish Studio; Wings: Woot by CrowAbout StudioB



My Vision for 2012: Creativity Prompt #3

Share a page from your inspiration journal, inspiration board, vision board or pinterest board with us.

 These are my favorite images from my Garden Board on Pinterest. In an ideal world, this is what I would fill my backyard with. Each tag by each image gives credit to the original source of the image.

Credits: all by Tangie Baxter unless noted otherwise
Paper: Field Notes
Frames: AJC Parcel 5, Ink Incorporated, Art Stomp, Fun Frames, Layla in La La Land, Journal Anthology, Midsummer Night
Bee, Butterfly (altered color): She Journals
Alpha: Alpha Doodle with SherrieJD
Tag: Steampunk Lab
Journaling paper: Garden Graph by Jen Wilson
Watercolor Splatters: Studio Remnants Portfolio Bonus with SherrieJD
Word Art: Compendium of Daydreams
Buttons: AJC11 Parcel 45
Feather: Mehndi Caravan with SherrieJD
Paperclip: AJC 11 Expedition Kit
Fonts: AJF Oyster, AFF Mary Ann

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