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Art Journaling Update

I haven't updated my art journaling pages here on this blog since March! Here are a handful of my favorites from my work on the Studio Tangie Creative Team and my blogging on the Studio Tangie Blog:

Art Journal Caravan 2012 Itinerary #26 Is it time to reinvent myself?

I found the quotation on Pinterest.

New fabulous kit
Journal Anthology 8
by Tangie
Art Journal Collage Templates #01
by Tangie

New Theme for July: Ambition!
My Vision for 2012

on the Studio Tangie Blog!!!

Journaling: Ambition. For a long time, I ‘ve preferred to think that I don’t have a lot of ambition because then I can’t get beaten down by failure if I don’t have ambition. I’ve had people disagree with me that I don’t have ambition. I think what they see is my Capricorn nature: hard-working, challenge-oriented, and determined to finish the task. In the scrapbooking and art journaling world, I do it because I love to do it…not to strive aggressively for success in this industry.

As I look at my other goals, I realize it couldn’t hurt to inject a little ambition into them. I have been a little too comfortable, not wanting to rock the boat.

Two of these areas that are painfully in need of ambition include my home and garden. The main frustration that has caused me to shut down is that I don’t know how to compromise with my husband, and how to follow through to a plan of action that includes his ideas as well. When it comes to decorating and gardening, it would be so much faster for me to just do it myself, as my husband is so busy that it is hard to get him to sit down and make a decision, yet he definitely wants to put in his two cents. So ten years have gone by without a lot getting done at our home. We decorated nicely when we first moved in, but 10 years later and it’s about time for a change. However, the garden, especially in the backyard was never done.

It comes down to communicate, communicate, communicate. And then appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!


Template: AJC12 Parcel 27
Papers: Orchard Elixir, Gee That’s Swell, What I Love to Do, Keep Moving Forward, TCOI fantasy solid, AJC Parcel 51,
Arms: Hey Doll
Wings: TCOI C10
Head: Flora Finery
Heart: Quote Cuts
Dots: Being Me
Font: AJFMockTurtle
Stitching, Splatter, Bling: AJC12 Parcel 15
Splattergraffiti: Bloom
Borders: Quickety Split Snippets 1, Quickety Split Borders 3
House: Collage Fodder Houses 2
Now it’s Your Turn! Let’s see your pages about your vision for ambition.
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On the Studio Tangie Blog!!!
My Vision for 2012: Abundance Prompt #5

Prompt: What do I have in my resources that will assist in attaining my individual vision of abundance?

I used one of Tangie’s Art Journaling Templates, and went for a look that showed the feeling that the journaling gave me.

I want an abundance of love. I am grateful for my husband, my husband’s family especially my nieces and nephews, and for my family, especially for my new nephew.
I want an abundance of laughter. I am grateful for my husband’s sense of humor. I love that his favorite movies are comedies.
I want an abundance of respect. I am grateful to be part of the Studio Tangie team, and to part of Masterful Scrapbook Design’s teachers this month.
I want an abundance of security. I am grateful to live in a safe neighborhood near the beach where people love to walk around here at all hours of the day.
I want an abundance of plants and flowers in my garden. I am grateful for the landscaping and trees that we currently have in our yard.
I want an abundance of health. I am grateful for breathing, for being able to walk, use my arms, and for feeling good.
I want an abundance of energy. I am grateful for my doctor treating my hypothyroidism. I am grateful for power naps. I am grateful for more energy lately.
I want my friends and family to prosper in their dreams and happiness. I am grateful that my nieces and nephews are flourishing in college. I am grateful that my husband is following his dreams. I am grateful that my sister has her family and new job. I am grateful for peace in the family.

Template: Art Journal Collage Templates #01
Papers: Parcel 41 with Amanda Sexton, My Fairy Friends 2, 3,
Butterfly, Flower, Ephemera: My Fairy Friends 4
Ephemera: My Fairy Friends 1, My Fairy Friends 3
Border: My Fairy Friends 1
Tape: Workshop No. 4 Attachers,
Ric Rac: AJC Parcel 4
Splats: AJC12 Parcel 23, WILTDo, My Fairy Friends 3,
Swirl: My Fairy Friends 3
Other: Art Journal 3 Tape by Holliewood Studio
Fonts: Idiot, TangieAJFtigerlily, TangieAJFMaryAnn
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 All products by Tangie Baxter

Quote: Our most treasured family heirlooms are sweet family memories.

Credits: Most by Tangie Baxter
Swirl: Haute Soiree
Butterfly: AJC Parcel 34
Splatter: AJC Parcel 3, AJC Parcel 9
Vintage Rose: AJC Parcel 3
Trim: Glitter Ribbon
Newsprint: Sew Girlie
Tape: AJC 11 Parcel 6, Paper Ink, AJC12 Parcel 13,
Paper: Newsletter Yellow: Sunshine ATC, Game Ephemera: AJC Parcel 34, Elevation: AJC Parcel 37 with Amanda Sexton, Journal Anthology 6, Stamp: AJC Parcel 9 with Amanda Sexton, Records: Black Licorice ATC, Wishing Waiting, Tribalations
Lace: Collage Fodder Lace
Other: Pink Tape, Music Tape: Holliewood Studios; Template: a little altered art by Jen D

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On the Studio Tangie Blog
May's My Vision for 2012: Family Prompt #1
How would we like our family, relatives, and guests to feel when they enter our home?

Journaling: I want my friends and family to feel welcomed, loved, and also happy!


Word art: What I love most about my home is who I share it with

Credits: most by Tangie Baxter
Background: Quickety Split N’ Print by Tangie
Sequins: Paper Ink by Tangie
Birdcage: Sunshine ATC Collection by Tangie
Staple: Valentine ATC Collection by Tangie
Splatter: Splattergraffiti Red Circles by Tangie
Love U Word Art: Silhouettes Collab with Molly Decrow by Tangie
Journal card: Flashioncards by Tangie
Heart, starburst, and bokeh: AJC 12 Parcel 18 Tinkering by Tangie
Other: House: At Home MSA Collab by KWiniecki; What I Love word art: At Home MSA Collab by Cinzia; Heart Bush: At Home MSA Collab by CreateWingsDesigns; Additional word art: At Home MSA Collab by Sue Cummings

Now it’s Your Turn!

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Thanks for looking!!!

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Marjie Kemper said...

Really stunning pages.... loved having a look around your blog at all these detailed creations!

OneScrapHappyMomma said...

I have never been able to master the art journaling page concept but you have an amazing gift here. You've done a fabulous job!

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